I offer the following services to a diverse range of clients:

I am experienced in writing on a wide variety of subject matter and am happy to turn my hand to any project. I also have particular expertise in the following fields:

    • Winter sports
    • Cycling
    • Travel
    • Technology
    • Health and fitness
    • Sport
    • Fashion and design

Web copywriting

Writing for the web is a complicated affair. Not only does your content have to attract, engage and incite a desired reaction from an increasingly fickle and attention-deficient online audience, but it also has to adhere to a complex and ever-changing set of rules in order to be picked up by search engines, so that it even arrives on your customers’ screens in the first place.

To get the best results from your website, the content must be well written, informative, relevant, regularly updated and employ effective SEO.

As an experienced web copywriter, I can produce content for your site that will satisfy all of the above criteria and ensure that your business receives all the attention and success that it deserves.
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SEO copywriting

It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, if you don’t practice effective search engine optimisation, your potential online customers will never find out about it.
Today’s search engines are extremely sophisticated and can no longer be tricked by keyword and link cramming. These days it’s well written, relevant and regularly updated content that is rewarded with the highest rankings on search pages.

Keywords and links are still important but they need to be well researched and appropriately positioned in order to be effective.

As a web copywriter I invest a lot of time in keeping on top of the latest trends in SEO so that I can ensure the best results for my clients.
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One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to have a well written, regularly updated blog. Not only will this earn brownie points with the search engines, but interesting and informative posts will also engage your audience, encourage sharing and ensure that they come back for more.

I offer a range of blog writing options to suit your needs:

The works – If your website doesn’t have a blog, I can set one up for you, then research, write and upload regular posts to it on your behalf. I’ll also add accompanying images and video content, as well as relevant links and keywords, to ensure best SEO. Once published, I’ll share the content via social media to ensure that the posts are seen and read by the biggest possible audience.

The makeover – If you already have a blog set up but it’s been a bit neglected, I can give it a new lease of life by writing blog posts that will yield results, and offer advice on strategy so that you can continue to reap the benefits of this essential marketing tool.

The home help – If you just need help with the odd blog post here or there when you’re pushed for time, I can do that too.

Pick ‘n’ mix – Choose whichever of these services suits you best.
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Article writing

As an experienced journalist who’s written for a range of different publications, I am highly skilled at researching and writing articles on any given topic.
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WordPress website design & development

Having built and enhanced a number of high performing WordPress websites, I can help you maximise your online presence by designing and developing an easy-to-use bespoke website, tailored to meet your exact requirements.
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Images & Video Content
With ever diminishing online attention spans, it is invariably the visual content of your web pages that will initially grab the attention of your audience. Images and video content are integral to all web content and when used correctly can significantly improve SERP (search engine results page) rankings and increase traffic to your site.

I am experienced at sourcing, producing and editing images and video content for both websites and social media.
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If you would like a quote for a specific project, please just drop me a line at or 07841 436263.

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